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Tire Shaving

Tire Shaving in Redwood City, CA

Do your tires need a trim?

Not many tire shops have the right tools on hand or still teach employees how to perform tire shaving today. But we're not most shops. While the art of tire shaving isn't as well known today, it still serves an important purpose.

Are Your Tires Truly Round?

Also known as tire truing, tire shaving is a process in which we "shave" some of the rubber off your tires to make them as round as possible while providing you with better handling.

We're proud to be one of your local tire shops specializing in tire shaving services. We can handle tires for newer vehicles as well as hot rods, muscle cars, and antique vehicles.

Why You Should Shave Your Tires

In the early years of tire manufacturing, most new tires had extra tread and were out-of-round (not shaped correctly). To make a tire round or "true," drivers would have a tire service shop shave the tires. As time progressed, so did technology. With the advent of radial tires, tire shaving began to fade out. However, many tires still aren't as round as they can be today - even with the advances. While tires today might need less tread shaved off, they can still provide great benefits to you. In addition, making a tire round isn't the only reason to shave your tires.

Today, drivers request a tire shaving service for:

  • Balance: For the best balance, you need to make sure your tires are as round as possible. If you've had a regular balancing service performed before but still feel vibrations that you know are from your tires, then tire shaving might be the solution you need. We can shave your tire on your vehicle or off using a specialized balancing machine. 
  • Grip: Shaved tires provide better grip on the road, making handling easier. For this reason, tire shaving is popular with sports car and race car drivers.
  • Shape: Manufacturing has improved, but many tires today are still more oval than round. With our tire shaving service, we ensure that your tires are shaped correctly to provide you with the best performance.

Schedule your service with our team today. We look forward to helping you get the maximum value out of your tires. Feel free to contact us over the phone, in person, or online with any questions. We proudly serve Redwood City, CA, Atherton, CA, Menlo Park, CA, and surrounding areas.

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